Saw this on the blog The Daybook and just HAD to participate! It's a fun little game where we list the awkward & awesome little things in our lives and I thought...oh yeah, I could come up with a few for sure!

-Putting the baby on my shoulder to burp after nursing only to discover my nursing cover came up as well
-Sitting at a restaurant with my kids when my 5 year old loudly exclaims, "MOM I have to go poop!" (Code words work wonders) ;)
-Having to dry off with a hand towel because I forgot my towel when I got in the shower
-Trying to open a heavy door and somehow get the stroller through at the same's even better when there's a big bump to get it over
-Noticing how badly I need to mop when the front of the baby's onesie isn't as white as it should be
-The baby leaving me a super stinky diaper 5 minutes after I just finished diaper laundry

-Listening to my son tell a really detailed story
-The day the packages I ordered arrive (most often diapers)
-Those quiet moments when the baby falls asleep in my arms & I can just stare at him uninterrupted
-The sense of accomplishment after making something out of nothing
-A new book coming out in a series I love
-Cuddling up in bed on Sunday mornings
-Waking up to an email from the hubby
-Singing duets in the car with my son
-Listening to him sing "Hey Jude" to himself when he thinks no one is listening :)

I think I could come up with a million more! That was fun :) Made me realize just how awkwardly-awesome life with two kids can be.