The name of the game this month has been SIMPLIFY! Lately it has literally felt like my house was bursting at the seams.

I'm slowly taking it one room at a time.

This is just a start in the kitchen, but I just love how simple it looks. It's so nice having my most used ingredients (sugar, salt, pepper & Olive Oil) handy right there on the counter without looking cluttered.

Just a small piece of my craft/dining room that I organized last week. Got those kitchen canisters at Target on clearance last year and they work great for all those little sewing tools that make a cluttery mess. How much do you love that plaque?!

And while I was in the craft room, I decided the ironing board desperately needed a makeover. Goodbye boring...

Hello snazzy!!

That was the curtain panel I got from Goodwill last week. And I still have much more left...maybe a camera strap cover is in order. Hmm...

And might I recommend A Fine Frenzy as the perfect sewing room soundtrack.
So relaxing & fun :)


  1. I like your most usable tray... and that's a cool ironing board it makes me wants to Iron! hehe

  2. I love A fine frenzy listen to them all the time! :)

  3. I mentioned this post on my blog today. I loved your tray idea and just had to make my own! =)


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