Hope everyone had a good weekend.

It was a fabulous one here. First, thanks to all of my new followers! You
guys really made my birthday that much more special.

So, Saturday was the Iron & Wine concert & it was AH-mazing. If you're not familiar with them, and you like indie, folk music, check them out. There was literally a banjo, keyboard, 2 guitars, 2 back-up singers, a saxophone, a trumpet, bongo drums, and more on stage playing at the same time. Oh & of course Sam Beam's sensational voice. Such an enjoyable orchestration of sound. My head was a boppin & my foot was a tappin for like 2 hours straight.

One of the best part of this concert was actually during the opening band. We learned that when everyone in the crowd calls the person next to them & puts their phones on speaker, it sounds REALLY COOL. I am a sucker for live music.

I miss concerts like crazy. I haven't had the chance to attend many since I became Mommy.

But most of all I think I just really enjoyed being downtown without the kiddos. Some not-Mommy time was desperately needed.

Did anyone else enjoy some live music over the weekend?