The Big Bangs

Is it just me or are straight bangs popping up all over?

How many of you are rocking the straight bangs? When did you make the transition & was it hard to get used to? I am SO tempted to take the plunge & just do it!

So here’s me now…

It’s ok, you can say it. I have a generously sized forehead. I get all the jokes. 5-head. Drive-in movie screen. har. har. har.

But in theory, the bangs would hide that.

Check out this amazing photoshop magic I have pulled off.

HAHAHA! Ok so maybe this isn't a good picture to judge from.

I really like the look on other girls. Add some Buddy Holly glasses…perfection!



  1. this is such a fun (and BOLD!) look. If you were nervous about it, you could always try a pretty dramatic side-swept bang, and go from there.

    Good luck... I'd love to see the 'after-picture!'


  2. Ok, you have mad PS skillz! LMAO & Just Do It ALREADY! I think you could totally work them! After your bold blonde bombshell thing you were rocking a while back, this should be cake. I can't wait!!

  3. I have bangs.. and I'm not really sure about them & I actually didn't take notice that everyone is getting them.. so that's kind of cool that I'm in for once in style!And I think with the light fluffy ones you could pull it off! :)

  4. If you fancy a change - go with it! I had long hair all my life and last summer decided to cut it short. I love it and can't imagine why I didn't do it before. The good thing about hair is that if you don't like it you can always grow it again.
    Good luck!

  5. Love this post! (I have a five head as well!) I had bangs until I was a junior in High School! P.S. where did you get your amazing photoshopping skills?



  6. Full fringes are really nice, and from your photo it looks as though you would suit it! I wanted a fringe at one point but my face isn't the right shape for it :(


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