If you know anything about me, then you know I love books.  I love everything about them...the way they look, smell, feel.  I want to be surrounded by them, own a million, and write at least one.  

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However...I'm in a serious reading S-L-U-M-P.

Everything I've read recently has been OKAY...but I need more.  I need a book that crosses my mind at least a hundred times a day.  Fictional friends I can't wait to return to each night.  There have only been a various few that have demanded my attention throughout the day.  Ones that I have to pace myself with for fear that I will end my time with them too quickly and be left jonesing for more.  

I need something to just TAKE-ME-AWAY.  Another stamp in my metaphorical passport.  A runaway romance.  Nail-biting suspense.  Literary love affair.  *sigh*

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I'm open-minded & willing to try something new.  However, I have to say most of my favorites involve a goosebump-inducing romance and a heroine to worship. 

I will take suggestions.  Please help this fiend without a fix.