My Favorite Veteran

Today is Veteran's Day, so I must speak a moment about my favorite. 

Military Ball, August 2011

I am so incredibly proud.

I could tell you about how much he has done or how hard he has worked and all he has sacrificed, but you already know all of that, just by seeing his uniform.  Because he is not alone.  So many others have given all of that and more. So many. 

I am blessed.  So blessed.  That I get to call this one mine.  He is so much more than that uniform, you see.  He is an amazing dad, a wonderful husband, and my very best friend.

And in just 5 days, after 8 loyal years of service, he will come one step closer to pursuing his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot.  I'm proud.

Re-enlistment 2008

Homecoming 2009
Homecoming 2011

I don't say this enough...thank you for everything you do.
I love you like crazy.
-your insanely proud wife

Happy Veteran's Day.
Who are you all thinking about today?


  1. Happy Veteran's Day to you and your family. Thanks to your brave husband for his service. Today I am thinking of my Grandfather who served in the army in World War II and was Pearl Harbor survivor.

  2. Wow! That's an amazing legacy to have in your family. Thanks to your Grandfather for his service :)

  3. Happy Veteran's Day! That's wonderful that he's becoming a helicopter pilot! :)
    On Veteran's Day, I thought of my husband, brothers, cousin (all Marines) and my Grandpa (Army) :)


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