I was just remembering this special Christmas a couple years ago & I wanted to share the memory with all of you.

It was special because miraculously all three of us (my siblings and I) were actually in the same place during Christmas.  With my brother in California, my sister in Indiana and me in Georgia/Alabama, it is quite rare that we are all able to meet at our parents in Arizona at the same time, let alone on Christmas.  Oh and count in that my husband was actually with us, super bonus.
It was a really great Christmas, but there were a couple of moments that made it special.

First.  This was when I first told my family that I was preggers with Jude.  I told my sis first, then dragged her out of the house with me so we could come up with a special way to tell Mom.  We came up with wrapping a FAKE sonogram frame.  Yeah, not the most creative but watching her reaction when she unwrapped it was priceless.  That moment when she went "What?...Oh!"  Perfect.

 For the rest of the family (i.e. inlaws) we used Jeremy's idea which was to have Jonathan walk up to everyone & say "I'm gonna be a big brother".  Also, not the most creative, but still the reactions were priceless. 

Ok I ramble.
The most special moment of this Christmas was when my Dad dressed up as Santa & made a special appearance for the kiddos.  It was magic.  He filled his sack with toys and we sent him out through the garage to come in the back door.  Little did we know, that he took a major spill out back in the dark. 
Poor Peepaw Santa!
So, what we were greeted with was a bleeding Santa covered in dirt & dead grass with a sack full of broken toys.  But he pulled through & the kids were none the wiser.  What a trooper.

It's always fun to think back on fond memories with family.
What a great Christmas.