Sponsor Swap starting in 2012!

I don't know about you folks, but I am LOVING these sponsor swaps going on lately.

As of January 2012, I will be swapping sponsor spots on my blog.
{one} sponsor spot per month will include a button spot as well as a {solo} interview/guest post on Sweet Green Tangerine. 
Also available will be up to {five} small sponsor spots which will include a button spot as well as an "about you" blurb on Sweet Green Tangerine.

All I ask is to return the favor & sponsor my blog on your site! Whether it be a guest post or just throwing up my button on your site. 
Easy-peasy. Free. of. charge.

Just email me using the EMAIL button on the left.

Can't wait!



  1. i've been so happy with my sponsor swap i've had going on my blog for the past couple months. i love helping out fellow bloggers while getting helped out as well! i'm definitely interested in swapping with you, i'll shoot you an e-mail!

    melissa @ knit purl baby


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