Travel Tuesday - beach love

 I love the beach.
I'm pretty sure I was made to live by the ocean.  Funny though, because I never did live by a large body of water until we moved to Savannah five years ago.
But I am so glad we did, because I fell so deeply in love.
Warm sunlight.
Ocean scented breezes.
Cold beer & coozies.
Sandcastles & sea shells.
I even love that gritty, dirty feeling you get after a day of siting in sand & water.

Well, even though we don't live in Savannah anymore, we are lucky enough to live within a tolerable drive to Panama City.  We recently visited in November & even though we didn't set up camp & spend the day, I was still in beachy bliss just being there.
So if you are bitterly cold wherever you are, hopefully these pics will warm you up a bit...


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  1. I feel the same way! Once we moved to Hawaii it was over for me. I need to be by the beach. I LOVE going to FL and pretending I live in a beachy town. And I need you to teach me how to sling Timmy onto my back in the ergo. Is that what that is? I bought the one on the classifieds group and am pretty sure I'll drop him on his head of I try.

  2. LOL Megan. I had my husband & his mom with me so they spotted me, but it's not done gracefully at all LOL
    And I'm just feeling more & more like we are being robbed by you moving away so soon after meeting each other. Blog, photography, thrifting AND the's just not fair.

  3. I will sigh with you!! I grew up going to the beach almost Miss it so much. You have no idea. Lovely pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the ocean as well! I wish I could live near the water and hear the waves from my bed! xxx

  5. Ahh, the beach. This beach looks so warm and not windy... All of the beaches here are freezing this time of year :-( Thanks for linking up, and for the shout out! I hope you link up next week! P.S. I just noticed your quote on the bottom of your blog; "taking life one identity crisis at a time." HA, that is so me it's not even funny. I love it!

  6. Ah love the beach as well. It's the best spot for a mini-break.
    I found you via the Travel Tuesday's link up!


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