First "Up To" Tuesday 2012

Good morning friends.

Hope you all had a perfectly wonderful holiday break, but I know for many of us today is all about getting back in the daily grind.  I know for me it is.  Even though, I don't go to a M-F job, I'm still excited to get back to our day-to-day routine around here.  So this is what we're up to...

Keeping baby busy

Listening to...

Blogging about...


Java from my first Keurig machine.  *sip:::sigh*

Did you all check out my January sponsors?? You can see them here.

Happy Tuesday friends.
What are y'all up to today??
That's right, I said y'all.



  1. I'm so jealous of your Keurig! I've wanted one for a few years now, but have had other things to buy that were a little more important. We registered for one when we got married, but that was one of the few things not bought. Oh well.

    I'm getting back to the zombie grind & a normal schedule again. Hoping to get a little better with my time management so I can get a lot done at work & home, but we'll see how long that lasts...LOL!

  2. i want a keurig SO bad!! i am WAY jealous!! ;-)

  3. Love that kid. & you have a keurig. #jealous

  4. Just found your sweet sweet blog and wanted to let you know I'm now an avid follower (after reading through 10 pages of past posts :)). xox


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