Alabama whine.

I try not to be negative.  I'm usually a glass-half-full kind of girl.  And I'll try not to be too whiny right now but I feel like the walls of this tiny-stupid-*&@$#-Alabama-town are closing in on me!

Juvenile outburst. I feel better.

I think I'm just missing Savannah a lot more than usual this week.  It's just a tad bit more boring here.  I'm taking this as a learning experience. It is now confirmed, I am 100% city girl.  I need culture, tourism, live musc, hustle&bustle, nightlife, beer that comes out of the wall.  (Yes, you heard me...there is NO draft beer in this tiny town I live in.) When I first got here, it was so nice.  A retreat.  Relaxing getaway.  And that got old real fast.  I want to go DO something.  I want to be inspired!  Thank God for blogs and good friends, or I'd surely go nuts.

Ah, first world problems, am I right?

Ending on a happy note...some things I do like about being here...
-our house is the nicest we've ever had.
-I'm watching my husband's dream come true
-I've made some hilariously great friends
-I've learned to appreciate Saturday nights spent around the backyard bonfire
-The thrift stores are stock full of antique treasures


  1. I never appreciated casual backyard bonfires until moving to Wisconsin. There were just too many mosquitoes in my part of Arkansas to enjoy being outside at night in the summer. Here, you kind of need a fire at night even in July.

  2. It sounds like a huge change to get used to! Thank goodness for blogs and good thrift stores!

  3. I live in Alabama. Have since '96. I kind of hate it. Your line: " I feel like the walls of this tiny-stupid-*&@$#-Alabama-town are closing in on me!" is spot on!
    I gotta get out of here soon!

  4. I'm proud of you for posting this. I know it was hard for you. Hang in there. I miss Savannah daily, too. I refer back to there almost daily. Its sad really. I miss the culture there. Love ya chick.

  5. I'm always so envious of your instagram pictures of you guys lounging around the bonfire. But I agree with needed to have things to do. I'd love to live in the country but I know I would get bored.

  6. Sometimes I get pretty upset about where I live, too. If I could go anywhere it would be either Toronto or California. The country is nice but I like being close to the city, too.

  7. While you're missing Savannah, I can't wait to leave! Something about this town, idk. It just isn't working for me. I'm glad you're making new friends and that you are able to see the good in all of this!


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