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My name is Wendy and I am mama to the sweetest and spunkiest little girl named Hannah.This Amazing Day is a blog that celebrates everyday moments of my life as a mother. I may not have the most glamorous or perfect life, but I believe that this day is amazing because of the love that I share with my family 

 I'm Vivian. I'm a Colombian and a Mormon living in Utah. A Housewife, all things pretty lover, party planner, avid decorator, crafty, world traveler, healthy food fanatic, but above all a MOTHER. I can dance in my dreams as I try to make the world a better place. P.S: And who says Colombians can't have babies with BLUE EYES?

 Hey darlings! Everyone around the web knows me as Pocky, the craft-obsessed girl that loves video games & tries to find a way to get away from the 'zombie job'. When I'm not busy making things or playing games, I can be found on my little blog Living Apockylypse. I blog about my every day adventures, creative inspirations, fab finds & crafty dreams. I'd love for you to stop by & say hello!

 In addition to being interested in politics and American history, Maya loves to draw, and is selling her artwork via her Society6 site, Southern Sunshine in order to raise money for a very special trip.  Here is a word from Maya.

Hi, my name is Maya, and I was recently invited to become a People to People Student Ambassador! People to People is an organization that helps students, educators, and professionals learn and understand more about the different cultures and people that live around the world. The Ambassador programs offer members unique and eye-opening experiences that impact the way you think about those in your community, country, and world! To learn more about People to People, go to

Though there are many reasons why I want to go on the European Odyssey 2012 trip, there is one rather important one. To go on this trip means to finally see what I've been taught about for so many years. It means that I can go beyond the boundaries my history book has given me, and experience the world firsthand. That experience would be invaluable to me, especially in my future. I want to be a Senator, maybe even President! To learn and understand more about those who share this world with me would give me what I need to prepare for a job which enables me to work together with them, and make a better world for everyone.
more to come...