As I try to complete Jude's room, I thought I'd share some of my little creations along the way...

{{FYI...when I say complete his room, I mean decorate it.  He has a room already.  Wanted to clear that up}}

ok moving on...

I found this on Pinterest (where else) and I just loved the idea.  Perfect for his Storybook room makeover.

So here is how I created the "B".

 {a couple extra tips}
Sand the letter better than I did.
Slather that baby with Mod Podge to give it a nice finish
To give it a rustic look, sand the edges a little when it's done.
Yes, that is a storybook from a Chick-fil-A kids meal.

1 down.
25 to go!

oh by the way.
Who else has been calling it Modge Podge for like ever?