Saturday was a drizzly day.  Perfect for a day at the movies.  So we ventured out to the big city (not really) to get some lunch, walk around the mall and catch The Lorax.  Seeing a movie in a crowded theater with a nap-less 18 month old is not exactly a fool-proof fact, it was a mess.  The fit he threw at the mall was epic.  Nonetheless, we survived the day and all enjoyed the movie thoroughly.  2 little kid thumbs up.

Me: Dress/Macy's, Cardy/Old Navy, Leggings/Target, Flats/whoknows.
Jude: Shirt/Target, Pants/Old Navy, Shoes/Tom's

Not my cutest outfit, I admit.  But after throwing a fit and tossing around every item I had in my closet, I settled on comfy.  Besides, it was rainy & icky out.  I could have left the house in sweats, so let's consider this a success. 

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