Happy Friday!

So, my friend Megan, of Girl Meets Camera, started doing this photo linkup.  Wait- maybe you don't know the story about Megan and I so let me fill you in right quick. (Why? Because I said so)

Last year, I moved to Alabama and through an online group met a cool chick who liked to thrift shop, photo shoot, sew and blog.  What? My soul-mate?  Oh...and then like two months later she moved to South Korea.  Gee, thanks.  Thankfully, we have the blogs to keep in touch and it works.
Point being...she's a super cool chick and you should read her blog...and satisfy your curiosity of what it's like to live in South Korea with two kids.

Moving on.  She has started a cool Photo link-up where she gives us prompts and we share our shots.
This week's prompt is "old" which turned out to be a great outlet to show off some cool shots from the Aviation museum.

Homesick yet, Megan?
Alabama misses you!

You can link-up too!