So, I am conducting a little experiment with my diet.  I have decided to go completely VEGAN for one week.

Well it's three-fold.

1. Curiosity.  Can I do it?  Will I be in hell?  Will I even notice the difference?  Will I feel different?

2. I want to change the way I shop/eat/cook for my family.  I want to explore our options.  I want to see if there are any variations on the normal things I usually cook.  Vegan chicken nuggets?  Vegan cookies?

3. I want to cut down my meat intake greatly.  Chances are, I won't stay a vegan after the week is up, but hopefully we can cut down our meat intake to only once or twice a week?  Maybe even less.

SO...I was supposed to do this little experiment this week.  The timing would have been perfect...but my mom had to go & break her arm.  It really threw us off.  Thanks Mom.  {{kidding!!}}

So, I'm doing it April 8 - April 14.
No meat, cheese, milk, bacon (bacon!), etc.  I'm weirdly excited about it.  And of course, I will be blogging my way through it and sharing the ups & downs of it all.

So...(I say SO a lot don't I?)  I extend the invitation to you.  Care to join me??  We could partner up on the blogs and chat our way through it.  If you are, just leave a comment or email me!

The first thing I did when I decided to do this was search recipes & blogs to follow.  Which means only one thing...Pinterest! {{jazz hands}}

Quinoa Sushi
2 things I've never made but excited to try.


Walnut and Tempeh Vegan Tacos
because let's be real...I need tacos.


Vegan Red Velvet Ice Cream

A few of the blogs I have found so far.

I'm open to tips, sites, recipes.  Please do share!!