Travel Tuesday: Day Trips

This week for Travel Tuesday, Megan asked: What are some great day trips that you've taken? 

It's funny because tomorrow we will be doing a little domestic traveling of our own.  We're taking our yearly family vacation and indulging in some amusement park madness.  Many pics of that to come next week!

But when Megan brought up day trips, it totally reminded me of our time in Germany.  When we lived in Germany, we took day trips very often.  My husband is as much of a restless explorer as I am.  Car, train or bus.  We did whatever we had to get out and see what there was to see.  Living in Europe was heaven for us.

A few of our favorite day trips...





Being in Germany (or anywhere in Europe) day trips are easy and very satisfactory.  There is always something to see without having to go far, especially if you love history.  Which we do.  

Being stateside, it's not always that easy, but it doesn't mean it cannot be done.  I'm sure if you travel with an open mind and do your research, you can find something within a days drive from where you are.
Since we cannot afford long distance travel more than once a year, we try to do day trips no matter where we are. 
A few stateside day trips we have taken...

St. Augustine, FL

Hilton Head, SC

St. Simons Island, GA

It may not be exotic, international travel, but it's still travel nonetheless.  You don't need to stay in a hotel or get a stamp in your passport to travel.  As long as you're exploring and it's new to you, it's travel.

Thanks Megan for another great travel prompt!
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  1. Great post! Gorgeous pictures. Of all those places, I've only been to the Heidelberg, but now I'm intrigued by some of the other locations. :) Also, I agree that Europe is the BEST for day trips. My mom lives in Switzerland right now, and she's always hopping on trains to go wine-tasting in France or visit memorial sites in Bosnia or whatever the heck she feels like. So jealous!

  2. I love day trips! I feel like they are a great way to create a memory. My friends & I here in Dominica, try to go out & do something new everything Thursday. Some times it's going to a new beach, sometimes hitchhiking across the island.

  3. Day trips are one thing I really miss about living overseas in the military!!! We went on so many adventures!! We went to Hilton Head a few summers ago and loved it, what a beautiful place!! And St. Augustine is on my list of places to go, looks so beautiful!


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