The Bonnaroo saga continues...
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Friday was definitely my favorite Bonnaroo day.  That morning we had breakfast and chatted with our neighbors as we did every morning.  We were camped next to two very nice girls from Maryland, and we were glad to share our canopy with them.  It was fun sharing stories from the day before and laughing it up over our cereal bowls. Around 1pm, we headed out for Centeroo again.  This time our walk was cut shorter due to the opening on a new entrance.

We tried to see Tune-yards, but the tent was so packed again (yay for Tune-yards!) so we decided to just head over to Laura Marling's tent.  Again, we just chilled in the shade and listened.  Laura Marling has an incredible voice, and I really enjoyed her sound.  So much so, that I chose to stick around rather than head over to where Two Door Cinema Club was playing.  Do I slightly regret this?  Yes.  But in my defense, I was already going to be leaving my friend for the majority of the day, so I decided hanging out with her a bit longer was more important.  I can live with it, but I did hear they put on a great show. 

That afternoon came the time when we would have to split.  Nicole was sticking around the tent we were at to see Fitz and the Tantrums.  Her sister saw them at Coachella and told us it was un-missable.

I really, really wanted to stay and enjoy the show...but...
I couldn't miss Avett!
The nice thing about going alone to a big show is that it is easier to work your way up without getting in anyone's way.  I found a peaceful spot to sit until the show started.  The Avett Brothers were playing on What Stage, which is the biggest stage with huge screens and is set on an decline so almost anyone can see and hear.  For this show, I wanted to be IN that crowd.  I wanted to be up and singing and dancing along with some fellow Avett lovers.  It was such an amazing show.  They played all of my favorites and even some of their rarer hits like Laundry Room and Murder in the City, which sounds like a morbid song, but is really so beautiful.  Again, I found myself tearing up with how much I missed by boys.  I mean, with lyrics like these, who wouldn't?

"I wonder which brother is better
Which one our parents love the most
I sure did get in lots of trouble
They seemed to let the other go

A tear fell from my father's eyes

I wondered what my dad would say
He said I love you
And I'm proud of you both,
in so many different ways"

They sang it at the mic together; it was just so chilling.
One of the best moments was seeing everyone with their three fingers in the air...
"Three words that became hard to say
I and love and you"

I love The Avett Brothers!!

After that show, I ran, practically skipped, back to the tent where Nikee was. She was also experiencing a live-music high after what was apparently an incredibly fun Fitz and the Tantrums show.  

She saved me a spot the tent because the next show up was another major favorite of mine.  
St. Vincent!
I told you Friday was the best.
Look at how close I was!  Nikee saved us the best spot against the rail on the side of the stage.  The security guards were passing out free bottles of water and we were close with no one in front of us and without being stuck in a nasty crowd.

St. Vincent, not surprisingly, put on a great show.  She is just the cutest little thing, but she gets crazy dirty down with that guitar. Singing Cheerleader along with her and practically climbing over the guard rail with excitement was one of the top 3 moments of Bonnaroo for me.

The woman played a theremin for goodness sakes!

And did a little crowd surfing, of course.
She rocked our socks off.
After St. Vincent, we caught about 15 minutes of the Foster the People set, and then it was time to make our way over to the big stage again to see Radiohead.  Just us and 80,000 other people.  It was so packed, and we were so far away.

When you're as far back as we were, the music becomes the background sound to the goings-on around us.  This was definitely when we had the most fun mingling with people.  Everyone is so friendly, and no one is pushy or rude.  I was kindly offered acid and pot, which I graciously declined, but for some reason felt gratitude toward the offer.  I met people from all over the world, and I have never felt more comfortable turning to a complete stranger and striking up a conversation.
Even though I didn't really get to enjoy the full Radiohead show, I was pleased to hear Idioteque (a rare favorite of mine) and Lotus Flower.  They had a pretty cool light show going on too, which I'm sure a few of my neighbors really got a kick out of. ;)

After about an hour of that show, we made our way over to Silent Disco where Mark Foster of Foster the People was scheduled to DJ for 30 minutes.  The line was so effing long.  Like 2 hours long and by that point, I was so drained.  Finally around midnight, we made it in and were given our headphones just in time to hear Mark Foster say "Thank you, goodnight!"
 Even still, we were not disappointed, we hung around to hear DJ Equal and DJ Kwik-e-Mart (real names).
We danced our butts off until 3am, which may seem late anywhere else, but not at Bonnaroo.  Centeroo was still crazy busy and bands were still playing to packed houses until well past 4am.
Bonnaroo is for the young and hardcore.

Friday was definitely my favorite day.  I was still full of energy and the shows were all just so good.  Saturday was different story.

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Excuse the bad-quality photos.  iPhones do not make good concert cameras, FYI.