Wow guys.  I literally just stood in my kitchen and like a strike of lightning, realized it's Thursday!  I completely missed the book chat!  Who misses their own link-up?

As most of you know, I went to Bonnaroo this past weekend.  And it was amazing and great and all, but it was so consuming and distracting that I'm still trying to get back to myself this week.  I've been trying to form blog posts about the trip, but I'm also trying to spend time with my friend who is visiting and pack for a long trip back home starting this Saturday.  Sheesh.

You know I have to be overwhelmed if I miss the book chat.  I promise though, I will not let the book chat go away.  I love it too much.

So here you go...because I refuse to miss a book chat response:


Funny enough, I'm actually reading this book right now.

which my friend (the one who is in town now) gave me for Christmas a couple years ago.  We sort of started a tradition where we give each other our favorite books (new copies of course) for Christmas.  We are both book worms, and although we don't have the same taste, it's fun to introduce each other to new favorites.  So far, I have given her The Book Thief (which became her new favorite) and The Hunger Games (which I don't think she enjoyed).

So far, I appreciate Still Life with Woodpecker.  It's very strange writing that I'm not used to, but the characters have captured me.  Full review to come once I finish it.

And of course, how could I not mention all of the great recommendations I have received from all of you?  So many of the books I've read this past year have come from the reviews and suggestions I read in all of your book chat posts!  So thank you!

Again I'm sorry for being so non-existent this week.  I'm not okay with it either and I promise to bring you the full Bonnaroo report before Monday.  Expect multiple posts.

Thanks guys!
In case you did better than your host and did write a book chat response today, please link up below.

Update:  Whoops.  Almost forgot the prompt for next week!  
For 6/21/12: Is there a book (or pile of books) you have been meaning to read but haven't gotten around to it?  Perhaps if we all share our list, we can help each other out by saying "don't bother" or "read it now!".  I'd love to hear which ones on my list have potential and which ones not-so-much.