Saturday Sweet Links: the writer's edition.

I am always compiling an ongoing list of links/quotes/videos and I've noticed a trend in the list recently, so this weeks Sweet Links edition is for the writer...

An incredible video for aspiring writers/artists/musicians/anyone:

Great articles:
Leave Out Any Extra Words That You Don't Really Need from Caragh O'Brien
The Writing Affliction by Lauren DeStefano <---excellent article my friend Melissa shared with me.

"There is also no 'wanting' to be a writer. There’s wanting to be published, sure, and there’s wanting to be better. But if this is your path, then in all probability, there comes a day in which you reach the awareness that you just ARE a writer." -Lauren DeStefano 

 Great blogs for writers:

I love this list of blogging topic ideas.

If you have any to add to the list, please share.
Happy Saturday!



  1. I love Lauren Oliver's blog as much as Lauren DeStefano's. Seriously, the Lauren's are kicking butt! I actually love when authors keep blogs in general. I find that when they get published, often those who used to blog just end up posting about tour dates and new books, but what about the writing they do out of their fiction? It's so nice to read it and see a different perspective from there.

    Great links!

  2. I really really really want to write a book!!


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