Living Room Redo - Inspiration

This week I have been consumed with redecorating the living room.  Jeremy and I keep saying that the living room is looking so BLEH.  I'm tired of complaining about it so I told him, I'm taking $500 out of savings and we're going to re-do it now.  The first thing I did was hit Pinterest (naturally).  I wanted to have direction and ideas before I just started shopping.
We can't paint the walls or change anything structurally, but I think we can still make a difference.

So here is my inspiration.

1. This is my main inspiration for the room.  I love the old books, the colors, the plant, everything. 
2. Have you discovered Design Seeds yet?  It's addicting.  If you're doing anything with color (i.e. decor, fashion, blog design) use this site.  It's my fave.
3. I wouldn't use white (as shown) but I think a natural wood mantle with random pieces of art would be awesome above the couch.
4. I'm seeing the ottoman/coffee table/breakfast tray combo everywhere.  Plus the floor to ceiling curtains is happening too.
5. An old globe.  How smart are we going to look.
I will blog more about the living room redo process.  It's taking more time and money that I had planned, but it feels so good to get a fresh look in there.  

I'm linking up with From my Grey Desk for her High Five for Friday.  I love the idea for this link-up.  It's simple but still lets you inside my world a bit.  It's basically to share your {five} favorite things from the week.  You should join too!




  1. I really like the styles you picked up! I'm working on decorating/making our reading area. We have this little encove that we want to become a reading room.

  2. Love the color palette~ Stopping in from the GFC link up and am a new follower now!


  3. Awesome inspiration!! Can't wait to see the finished product!


  4. Nice inspiration! I'm working on redoing our spare bedroom/office/library space thingy and there will definitely be some globes in there :)

  5. Loving your inspirations for the room. I have a special place in my heart for vintage globes!!


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