I've noticed lately, I've been a little absent from my own blog.  I don't generally take a lot of pictures of myself and I realized that you guys really don't see me that often.  So, to put a face and voice to a name...here is my awkward book pitch vlog!

Dear YouTube, what's up with this picture? You do that on purpose, don't you?

I'm sorry that I get mumbly sometimes.  It's just something I do.  Jeremy hates it.
So, if you can't hear something, it's probably not important.
I realize the clutter behind me is a little distracting.  I explain it all towards the end.

I actually only recorded one time because as soon as I finished the first cut, Jonathan came home and Jude woke up, so blog time was over.  In fact, there is a slice right in the middle because Jonathan's friends knocked on the door and Heidi went nuts, which explains the doggy disappearing act.

What you should get from the vlog:

These books are unique.  I've never really read another book like these.  Carey tends to ride the line of controversy.  There are elements of innocence and maturity at war with each other.  People tend to get wound up on this issue.  They are contemporary fiction and even though many of the main characters are teenagers, these books are not YA due to the mature tone and adult elements.  I love that Carey writes realistically which gives her stories a darker, grittier twist.  But the touching moments are that much more beautiful in comparison.  The stories focus on relationships: mother/daughter, sister/brother, lovers, etc.  Sometimes these lines get blurry, and Carey excels in this area.  She keeps you guessing and everything is so unpredictable.  I would say that if you like Jodi Picoult or Diana Gabaldon, you would like these books.  I hope you give them a chance!

If you like these books, you can help me pester Lisa Carey until she writes another book.

I really need to re-read these books because it's been so long since I read them.  Like I said in the video,  they were the two books that helped boost my appetite for reading.

So, what about you?  If you are pitching a book to your readers (doesn't have to be a vlog) please link up below!  Extra cool points to anyone who does a vlog too.


Next week:  It's back to school time!  So, let's talk about school assigned reading.  What was your favorite/least favorite?  Did you actually read them or did you cliff-note them all?  Is there a book you think should be assigned in schools?