Blazers make me feel Awesome.

I decided last week that I needed a blazer this year.  I had zero plans for my new blazer, I just knew I needed one, so when I came across this very affordable and extremely adorable lace blazer from Penny's I snatched it up immediately.
The great thing about blazers is 1) they can be dressed up or down  2) They aren't too hot, so if you live in a warm weather climate like me, it works perfect 3) you instantly feel more important when you wear it.
So this is a super easy and cute look I whipped up using my new blazer...
Blazers make me feel important and awesome

As you can see this outfit is very practical and affordable.  I have to have that clutch.


  1. Cute! I'd like to have a blazer...but I don't really know how to "wear" them. They look so great on everyone but I'm not sure how to pull it off. Maybe I should just go play dress up at the store and figure it out? lol

  2. Love that look. I generally do cardis, but would love to add a blazer into the mix. Thanks for sharing how to put it together. I live in the tropics, so you bet it's warm most of the year. This outfit could definitely work for me!

  3. This look is perfect. I am totally digging the blazer - converse vibe. I need to try and rock this.

  4. I love that blazer and the blouse great choices!

  5. Cute! I've been debating whether or not to get a blazer this year... still up in the air haha

  6. I love a good blazer! What a cute, casual outfit you've put together!


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