Part of the living room redo has been to get all new throw pillows for the couch, and since throw pillows are ridiculously expensive ($30 for one pillow, really?), I've decided to make my own.

This is a very simple tutorial to make a very simple pillow.  I like my pillows to have a removable cover with a zipper so I can throw them in the wash quickly.  You know, kids.

I like the insert to fit in snugly.  If you want the cover to be a bit looser, I would up your cut sizes a quarter inch or so.

Also, your zipper can be larger, but not smaller than your pieces.

See. Super easy.  It's definitely a beginner sewers project.  If any of that was confusing, or you need help, let me know!  I plan on making a few more.

Plus, it would be super easy to modify this project by sewing on buttons, embroidery, ribbon, embellishments, or anything really.  I would just do it before you assemble the pieces.

Hope you liked my little tutorial!


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