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I'm sorry.  I don't even mean to do it, but sometimes I'll go weeks on this blog without sharing anything personal in our lives.  I get caught up in the book chats, swaps, reviews & tunesdays, and I forget.  I promised myself to be a blogger who does reviews and not just some anonymous reviewer.  You should know who's opinion you were listening to, right?

So here you go.  If you interested...a glimpse into our lives lately.

Jude has been sick all week with a cold.  It was either due to the changing seasons or the nearby peanut fields being cleared.  We live in the peanut capital of the world (that may or may not be true).

We've also been working on the big P.T. (potty training) lately.  I probably should have used this week of being cooped up indoors all day to do more P.T. but it just seemed like too much to handle at times.  We've had some success, but he's not ready to go diaper-free yet.  I'm not pushing it, just introducing the idea. Wish us luck.

Jonathan just finished fall soccer.  It was so much more fun than we expected.  He learned a lot and seemed to really enjoy himself.  As for the parents, we were so pumped up at each game, we probably should have charged admission.  Jonathan scored one goal, and contrary to what you see in the movies, you are not allowed to run out on the field and carry your child on your shoulders chanting his name.  No matter how much you want to.

Jeremy has been busy, busy, busy with school.  I can't believe how fast it's all going by.  This week is a very exciting week for us because Jeremy has aircraft selection on Friday.  Basically that means that he gets to pick which model helicopter he will be flying.  It may sound insignificant (they're all helicopters, right?), but it makes a difference in what missions he will get and what posts he can be sent to.  Plus, it's the helicopter he will be flying for the next (at least) 12 years so I think it's pretty significant.

As for me, I've been spending most of my free time reading & working on the blog.  It's been a pretty exciting couple weeks because I have the Blogger Book Swap going on AND I've started doing book reviews for NetGalley AND I've been writing album reviews for Confront magazine (you might know the editor).  I'm loving it so far and cannot get enough.  You can see my music reviews here and here.  And my book reviews here and here.


As for the book swap...it's still open!  We have 26 people signed up so far, and there is always room for more!  Just leave me a comment below or email me if you are interested.

Have a great week!!


  1. I still can't picture Jeremy flying a helicopter lol. I wonder if you'll ever get to go on a ride? I don't know if that's allowed though...
    I don't know why I just thought of this but every time me or Joey says germy we follow it up with Bucher...because germy kind of sounds like Jeremy...get it? Maybe not... It goes like this lol Me: Don't touch that it's germy! Joey: Bucher? ha ha We're weird...I know. I want to delete this now but I've spent too much typing it so I won't. Please forgive my weirdness.

    I've become one of those screaming moms on the sidelines this year. Not crazy yelling...just happy excited encouragements.

    And yay blogger book swap! I hope I don't scare me partner with all my excitement.

  2. Feel free to request Bliss, we may be here a while. How soon til you find out where youre going?

  3. Congrats on the Reviewing jobs that is awesome!!!
    The potty thing is tough so I wish you luck. My niece whom I nanny for is 3 and she will do #1 in the potty, but not #2, it's just gonna take time so good luck!!!

  4. Your children are so freaking good looking it's not even normal.

    And honestly, your blog looks amazing lately. I'm so jealous of all the time you have to put into it, but it really does show.


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