By now, those of you participating in the swap should have already received your book swap partner.  I hope everyone is getting along well & getting to know each other!

Talk about books.  Stalk each others' blogs.  Swap addresses & get to the shopping!  Remember, it doesn't have to be a new book.  Thrifted is perfectly acceptable. <--in fact, it's encouraged.

Some people have been asking if a package with other small gifts is acceptable.  Absolutely!  I hope people really put time and heart into it.  Send a sweet note.  A bookmark.  A nice card.  A memento.  Whatever your comfortable with!

Keep in mind that if you are just mailing books, you can ship via Media Mail.  It's much cheaper!

Here are some fun and adorable shipping ideas to add a special touch to your package.

It's not too late to sign up!  There is still plenty of time to join the swap!  Leave a comment below with your blog link, email and/or Goodreads profile along with the genre of books you prefer.  We have been receiving new participants all week.

If you have signed up but haven't received your swap partner yet, please email me

Please spread the word if you haven't already.  The more the merrier.


Have you seen my co-hosts?  They are all fantastic bloggers you should totally be following.  Please stop over & say hi.

Any more questions, please comment below. :)

Happy Book Shopping!!