I mentioned before that Literary Costume Ideas is one of my most common search terms that leads to my blog (all year round).  I find it funny because most people don't consider that every Alice in Wonderland, Luke Skywalker, Frankenstein and Dracula walking the streets on October 31st is a Literary Costume.
I have always been a fan of unique and homemade Halloween costumes (I get it from my mother), so I have fun brainstorming ideas, planning, crafting and sewing each year.  I won't say yet, what we're going to be this year, but I will say that this will be our FIRST all-in, family Halloween!  I'm pretty excited about that, so check back in November 1st for pictures of that mess.

But back to the task at hand.
Last year, I did a post sharing literary costume ideas for women (Katniss Everdeen, Elizabeth Bennet, and Lisbeth Salander).

Here are few more ideas to add to that collection...


This would probably work best with a Romeo.  All you really need is a classic dress, an empire waistline and some long pretty hair.  Don't forget some of that youthful puppy love.
My dark, humorous side says some fake blood and a dagger would really send the message home.

It's essentially a flapper (which my mother once dressed me up as as a child. You'll have to harp her for the pictures) but you'll have the right to pretentiously argue that you, sir, are no flapper.  You are the iconic and glamorous miss Daisy Buchanan.  Then, sigh heavily, flick your super long cigarette and saunter away.


Effie Trinket.  Basically the Lady Gaga of the literary world.  This would be the most fun costume to put together.  Just spray paint a wig purple, snatch up the 80's-iest prom dress you can find at the thrift store and say "It's Mahogany!" all night, and people will get it.

There are so many options out there.  I like to think that women can dress up for Halloween without having to resort to the stripper version of Dorothy or the Cat in the Hat (it exists).  The best thing about unique literary costumes is that you always know who you'll get along with at the party.  The person who refers to you as the Elizabeth Banks character...no.  The person who says "May the odds be ever in your favor" in passing...yes.

If you could dress up as any literary character, who would it be?  Perhaps you already have...then you must share pictures.  If you choose to blog along with us on this topic, please link up below!


There won't be a book chat next week, BUT there will be a super fun and exciting announcement, so check back then!