Today, I just want to share some spectacular "music videos" that I have been loving lately.  I say "music videos" because it reminds me of MTV, but this really like the YouTube of MTV, which for music loving folks like myself, is much better.

Of Monsters & Men - Mountain Sound
This video was featured on the Bonnaroo365 channel.  Oh Bonnaroo, the gift that keeps on giving.  I have so much love for this band.  

Royal Teeth - Wild
It's rare that a song will capture me from the first time I hear it.  I heard this song on the radio one day (AltNation on XM) and even the kids were asking me to keep it on.  I wonder what brand will snatch it up for a commercial first?

Matt and Kim - Let's Go
When I heard Matt & Kim created their music video for Let's Go with Funny or Die, I knew it would be gold.  It's those awkward family photos set to music.  You have to love a duo that doesn't take themselves too seriously...or at all.

Let's Go from Matt and Kim      

New this week...

A Fine Frenzy - Avalanches
This is one of my all-time favorite artists.  I have been over-the-moon for this girl's style since her first record so I'm so glad to see that this album sounds more like that original.  Her second album was fun, but she seems more at home in this woodsy scenery.  
Her new album, Pines, is released today.

Smoke and Jackal - No Tell
This really isn't a video, it's just audio, but I wanted to share this pretty exciting new project from Jared Followill of Kings of Leon and Nick Brown of Mona.  I get giddy everytime this song comes on the radio.  It's worth a listen, I promise.
Their album, "EP 1" is also being released today.

Ben Gibbard - Former Lives
Another exciting release today.  The solo album from Death Cab for Cutie (and The Postal Service) frontman, Ben Gibbard.  It's been streaming all over the place for all to hear, but I'm pretty sure after today, you're just going to have to buy it.  But so far, I can say, I love it.  Perhaps a review is in order...

One last video...

St Vincent and Andrew Bird - Black Rainbow
This is a video of one of those very unfair private sessions with some amazing artist playing a secret little concert for a room of people.  Anyway, what's important is that they captured a crystal-clear recording of this piece of magic.  A collaboration so sublime I can't even take it.  It's such a haunting song and the best part of it has to be how incredibly impromptu it is.  Stick around for the end. 

You will never be the same.

Music is amazing.