It just so happened that while I was back in Arizona, aka modern civilization (sorry, Alabama) I had the opportunity to see this new band, Royal Teeth play an intimate show in Scottsdale.
Royal Teeth is one of those bands I have heard repeatedly on AltNation (SiriusXM) and instantly loved their hit song, Wild.  When I heard about the show on Twitter and realized I would be in town, I purchased the tickets immediately.

The night started out a little dull.  I wasn't a fan of the venue or the opening band, but Royal Teeth blew me away.

This band was phenomenal.

I knew they were a fairly new band, but they do not act like a new band.  They are so comfortable on stage.  They were full of energy, and they connected to the audience.
The lead singer would jump down into the crowd to sing and dance with their fans.  My favorite part was the solo drum he had next to him while he sang.  The energy he exhibited in just singing and banging that drum was contagious.  At one point he took my phone from my hand and began recording the audience while he was singing. I couldn't thank them enough for just putting on such a FUN show.  
This is the kind of band that just gets you pumped up.  I'm so thrilled that I had to chance to see them now.  I have a feeling this is only the beginning for them.  From what I hear, they are filming their official video now and working on their first full studio album.

I love this band, and I think you will too.

You can purchase their EP "Act Naturally" here.