I'm not one for making resolutions, unless it comes to reading.  
Here are my reading goals for 2013...

 I'll get plenty chances to do this since I'm going back to school this year.  I guess the goal here would be to enjoy it.

 I love blogging about books.  I have no intention of quitting.

 I have no business buying new books with the collection of un-reads I have at home.

 I'm a repeat library patron.  I'd like to keep that up.

This is less a reading resolution and more a writing one.

I finished this year off at 33 so I didn't bump it up too much.  And when you consider I'm going back to school full-time and moving to another country this year, I think this is a hefty goal.

What are your reading goals for 2013?
Blog about it and share it below!
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Next week:  Speaking of resolutions...what are some of your favorite self-help or inspirational books?