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Hello friends!

I'm excited to announce that I'm offering a special sponsorship opportunity here on the blog.  I guess you could call it sponsorship.  Basically, I'm not at that place yet where I feel like I can charge people money for spots on the blog.  I not ready for that kind of commitment.
I feel bad that I don't offer my swap partners more.  Everyone does those sponsor highlight posts, and I want to try something different.  

So here's what I am going to do.  One spot a month will go to the Book-lover of the Month.  You don't have to be a book blogger entirely.  If you're a mommy blogger who loves to read, great!  The spot will include one large button spot, social media shout-outs and one solo spotlight post which will be interview style.  Oh and you can co-host the book chat!  It's entirely first come, first serve.

And I guess I should say, since I blog about stuff other than books, I'd be happy to extend this to Music-lover and Mil-Spouse of the month!  

 So to are the spots available:

Book-lover of the month
200x200 spot
Book chat co-hosting opportunity
Solo interview post
30 days
Promo code: blotm

Simple Square Spot
Book chat co-hosting opportunity
Social Media shoutout
Swap optional with code: sweetswap

Here are my stats as of January 2013:
275 Google followers
30+ Bloglovin subscribers
1500+ Pageviews per month
500+ Unique visitors per month
210 Twitter followers


  1. This is so sweet of you to offer Jessica!!! I would definitely be interested in the future (like in the month of June or July), once I am out of school.

  2. EEK! I just realized I didn't include the http portion of my blog address on the order form... hope that doesn't mess it up!

  3. I just signed up (the next available space was for June, eek!), but the promo code didn't work for me. Put the $2 to good use! ;)

  4. Love this idea! LOVE! Could I potentially steal it from you? But change it up a little bit?

  5. BTW your promo code for the book-lover swap doesn't work? Or is that just me?


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