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It's all about movies this week!  Since the Oscars are on Sunday, and I'm throwing a killer virtual Oscars Party, when Melissa suggested this for the book chat topic, I knew we just had to do it this week.

As for our awesome co-host this week...what can I say about Melissa?  She's the first and best blog friend I've made and geography is cruel to us.  But really, she has an awesome blog about music and traveling and life goals.  Oh and she's the Editor-in-Chief of a music magazine in Montreal...doesn't get much cooler than that.  Her music and book recommendations are always spot on.

Plus, I think you guys should really check out this new blog series that she's doing.  It's awesome.
Go see for yourself!

Okay, for today's book chat, we asked...what books would you like to see as movies? 

If you know me, then you know how I feel about pop culture devouring my favorite can read more about that here.

But for today's post...I'll put those biases aside and play along, because part of me would be totally content with Hollywood never touching another one of my favorite books again...but then again, these books would look pretty cool on screen.

So, I had some fun with this.  I had a professor who would always ask us to cast the book we were reading during our little free-writes.  It supposedly helped us grasp the character more, but I think she did it because it was just fun.  So that's what I did today.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore
Let's put the damsel-in-distress days behind us, because this heroine kicks ace!
Katsa - Teresa Palmer (a prettier, less awkward, better acting KStew)
Po - Alex Pettyfer (swoooooon)

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Rose Clark
I have a feeling I would watch this one over and over...
Cat - Olivia Thirlby - (Seriously, she's gorgeous.)
Finn - Daniel Radcliffe (Sorry Potterheads...but I imagined him as soon as I read skinny, tall man with black hair and a boyish face.  It got slightly awkward with all the sex. ahem.)

The Night Circus by Erin Morgestern
I would actually love to see this one come to life...and I predict that it will.  Please do it justice. Please.
This one was SO hard to cast.  There is NO replacing the Celia and Marco in my head. No one comes close, but these two will do.  
Celia - Keira Knightley (my fave)
Marco - Andrew Garfield (adorableness)

Okay that was fun, but seriously, here are the books that I prefer to never be touched by the hands of Hollywood...
The Fault in our Stars
The Book Thief
and for all that is holy...Fifty Shades of Grey...
Okay fine, I couldn't help myself...
Matt Bomer & Lucy Hale...
Yeah he's a little too old and she's a little too Disney, but don't they just look the part?!  But really, Hollywood, don't do it.

Okay, okay...I admit I spent too much time coming up with these.  It's hard to put a real face to a fictional character.  So what do you think?  Who did you imagine for these roles?

And what books would you like to see as movies?  Feel free to share a dream cast too :)

Stop watching Downton Abbey and come book chat with us!

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  1. I actually like your pics for 50 Shades. I wasn't a fan of the book but I've had many a discussion about who should play the characters. It's hard to imagine actors in those characters because they had such distinct personalities. I think your characters could portray them well.

  2. That is too funny, I picked The Night Circus, too, but totally different actors. And admittedly, Ewan McGregor, who I picked for Marco, is too old for the character but there's just something about him. Rawrrr. :)

    haha, definitely loved your casting choices for Fifty Shades of Gray. I might have to see that movie if it's ever made... but only on DVD in the privacy of my home... ;)

    Thanks for hosting!!!

  3. I may have just squealed, out loud, while sitting in my school's library. Whoops. This is a fantastic link up, I am so excited to see everyone's picks. I love Andrew Garfield for the Night Circus, but I'm not a huge fan of Kiera Knightley. I also love Lucy Hale for 50 Shades, although I'm with you I hope that never becomes a movie (although didn't they already sell the rights?)... can you imagine the audience at the theater?

  4. Literally just wrote a comment and it disappeared for no reason. DARN

    I love that you chose actors though. I have a lot of trouble seeing *someone* in the role until I've seen them do something successful. I didn't like JLaw as Katniss until I saw the movie because I didn't trust that she'd do a good job. You think Alex Pettyfer would be a good Po? I've never seen him do anything! That's what I would think Katsa would look like though, good choice! I just feel like Graceling would be near impossible to convey properly on the big screen... But again, if they can do Lord of the Rings, they can do her series!

    PS I need another Graceling-type series, stat! I'm going through a book-sadness LOL.

    PPS thanks for the kind words above <3 geography really IS cruel to us!

  5. I also just noticed you linked up for me. Is that possible? You can delete my second link if that's even possible lol!

  6. Matt Bomer would be the perfect Christian Grey!!!!!! :)

  7. I haven't read any of these! But I like casting books. I don't always cast characters with celebrities, though. Sometimes, the people I interact with everyday or someone I see at the glgrocery store will resemble a character I'm reading about and I'll imagine them as that character for the whole book.

  8. ugh...why has everyone read night circus but me?!?!?! It'll be next!
    Dude...I love Daniel Radcliffe and think he can totally pull off sexy! I also really want to read The Mad Scientist's Daughter.
    Great post! I love the book chat :)

  9. I added Graceling and The Mad Scientists Daughter to my reading list. I would also like to see The Night Circus!!!

    1. You must read Graceling!! Jessica recommended it to me and I thank her profusely on a regular basis ;)

  10. I love the idea of casting the movies! I'm getting ready to write my post right now, and I'm definitely going to steal that idea. :) Also, I hate to break it to you ... but The Book Thief is already being made into a movie. :/ I saw it on Melissa's blog a little while ago. But I have also pictured Lucy Hale as Ana! Maybe it's because she also can't stick to dating on her maturity level in Pretty Little Liars lol. I have no idea how that movie will play out though .... NC-17? Who will go see it? Sheesh....

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Love this post! I agree that I hope Hollywood keeps their hands off The Book Thief and TFIOS!

    1. I don't mean to burst any bubbles, but both TFIOS and Book Thief have been cast already :( BOO.

  13. Haha Matt Boomer would be perfect for Christian Grey but like you, I really, really hope Hollywood doesn't go there

  14. He's very adorable yet manly.

    I know they are in the process of casting 50 Shades and I have no idea if I'd ever go see it. I think that's one they should just et us use our imaginations.

  15. I have to check out some of these books. I haven't read any of them.


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