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First, say Hi to the super-sweet Lindsey of Lounging with Lindsey who is co-hosting the book chat with us this week!

This week, the Book Chat topic is all about abandoning books.  I'm curious to you put a book down if you aren't interested in it?  Do you intend to pick up again or do you just accept that maybe it's not for you?  Have you ever had a better experience with a book the second time around?

I have to admit...I really hate it when I don't like a book.  It really bothers me when other people love a book that I don't enjoy.  But sometimes, I just can't find the connection with the characters and plot.  When that happens, I hate to feel like I'm wasting time.  I have so many other books to read, it really brings me down when I feel stuck reading a book that I'm not enjoying.  So, I admit, I'm a book abandoner.  Sadly, I do it pretty often.  There are some books I intend to pick up again...and some, I don't.  And there have even been a few that were better the second (or third) time around.

Here are a few...

I've shared my experience with this one before.  I wish I knew what my problem was with this book.  I tried REALLY, REALLY hard to like it.  I stuck with it a lot longer than I would have for any other book.  It is still sitting on my nightstand with the bookmark where I left it.  I do want to pick it up again, and hopefully I can have a better experience next time.

This book has received rave reviews.  I was initially reading for an Adolescent Lit class, but didn't finish because I was too busy with school.  I enjoyed it, but the pull wasn't strong enough for me to pick it up on my own.  I adore Laurie Halse Anderson, so I really want to try this one again.

Twice in one week I have mentioned this book.  I have tried this one about 3 times.  I love the main character...a quirky, smart girl who solves crimes.  I just can't get INTO it.  Someone said the audiobook was good, so I'll be checking for that.  Audiobooks always help me get into tough books.

I think the only reason I couldn't get into this one is because I've already seen the movie, quite a few times.  It bores me to read a book that I already know.  I have it on audiobook so I think I'll knock it out that way.  This is one I tend to pick up very often and just read a chapter at a time.  I'm not connecting with it yet, but I'm sure I will in the next couple books.

There are a few books that I have just come to terms with not being for me.

I have given this series enough of life.  The first book took me FOREVER.  I love the characters. I enjoy the action, but it just takes SOOO long to get into.  I got through the first quarter of this book on audiobook thinking that would be the trick.  I took it back to the library after I sat through 10 minutes of Lisbeth's shopping trip to Ikea.  I can let this series go.  It's the only time you will hear my say...I'll just see the movie.

There was so much un-liking happening between me and this book.  I don't know why, but I just really, really didn't like it.  I got half way through, gave it one star and moved on with my life.

I didn't even know what fan-fiction was before this series.  Now I avoid it.

 There have been quite a few books that have proven that everyone deserves a second chance.  I LOVED these books, even if it wasn't the first time I picked them up.

I admit, this book starts off a little slow.  Usually that's a deal breaker for me.  I had this one in my bag on it's way back to the library, but I decided to give it a second chance and I'm so glad I did.  I locked myself away for a whole day to finish it. I LOVE this book.

This book is certifiably nuts. I'm talking CA-RAZY.  For these reasons, I had a hard time getting into it.  You have to adjust your mind to understand the writing.  I have a theory that the author was taking that Limitless drug when he wrote this because he throws SO much information at you, it's unnerving.  However- this book had me laughing and crying. I loved the story and the ending.  I would read it again, and I'm so glad I was persistent with it.

This one sat on my shelf for a couple years with a bookmark in it.  Once I persevered past the first chapter, I was glad I did.  I liked the sequel even more, and I hope we get another book in the series.

I NEVER thought I would make it through this whole book on my own and actually enjoy it.  It took me a few tries, but I actually loved reading it.

There's my list.  What about you?  What books have you abandoned or put on pause?  Have you ever ended up loving a book that you had to put down the first time around?

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  1. The story in Harry Potter definitely picks up in later books. Plus, there is a lot more information in the books (and often more scenes), so you should enjoy it once you actually get into the series! :)

    I abandoned The Memory Keeper's Daughter too! There was nothing I could do to remain interested in that book.

    I've never read Fifty Shades, but I am assuming that it's a terrible example of fanfiction. I've read some fanfic that should be novels. Some fanfic writers have mad skill.

  2. Bleh! Fifty Shades... I read them all but didn't enjoy them. I really just didn't see what everyone else saw in them.

    I read Jane Eyre in high school and I remember enjoying it so I've tried to pick it up a few times and just can't get into it. I know I'll try again later though...I always do =)

  3. I like the way you separate those books into different category; I definitely do that in my head as well. Sometimes, a book is a good book that I'll actually enjoy, but it's just not what I'm in the mood for. I know I'll enjoy it better if I pick it up again another time.

    I have a feeling Jane Eyre will be one of the books I'm glad I picked back up again as well. I haven't quite made it there yet, but every time I start it, I DO enjoy it mostly. It's just a classic and I know it will always sit on my shelf waiting for me, and I get distracted by all the pretty, shiny, new books.

  4. Yeah I got Fifty Shades, just to see, and couldn't do it. I didn't even get to the naughty parts! Just the writing itself killed me.

    Get reading your Harry Potter! You know the books are better than movies haha. The first couple are harder to get through but once you're on to three, it's smooth sailing.

  5. Harry Potter is definitely better in later books. I always feel like the first book in the series is mostly an introduction to what's to come. I've tried audiobooks a few times but I always get distracted when listening and I can never remember what I heard.

    I read a few of the classics like Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice in HS/College and I had such a hard time getting into them that I've never read one unless I had to. And I love how you separated your categories.

  6. Jane Eyre, ahh! It took me about half way through the first HP to get into the book, and now I'm obsessed. And you'll definitely learn more in the books. I even learn more when I reread them!

  7. Aww I didn't realize you had abandoned Ender's Game, but I remember you having trouble getting into it. It's okay! Don't feel like you have to read it just because other people like it. :) I did finish the Dragon Tattoo trilogy, but you're right: They can be really slow. I really don't need to know what type of sandwich they eat every day and how often they make coffee haha.

  8. I learned a long time ago that I will never be able to read all the books that I want to read so I never feel bad about putting one aside. There are a few that I have picked up again and ended up really liking. Sometimes I am just not in the mood for that particular book I guess. The 50 Shades series...I don't understand the hype. I tried to read the first one. Forget the bad writing, I just didn't enjoy the story. But my best friend has read all of them twice and loved them.


  9. Once you've read the first 4 Harry Potter books you will not be able to stop. By the third you should be hooked. They're SO good. There's a reason they are like one of the most life changing books in the last 15 years!! YOU MUST READ THEM JESS! Promise me! LOL :)

  10. Hi Jessica! I didn't participate, but I wanted to say that I love to hear you admit that you abandon books. For the longest time I refused to leave books unfinished, which was truly wasting my own time based on some silly expectation I set for myself or hoo-ha about all books being worth reading. Anyways, my philosophy has changed over the last year or two and I've even made a category on Goodreads for my books that I start but never finish. Way to go discussing this!

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed Shadow of the Wind. We had to read it for Spanish Lit at university and I loooooved it! I had forgoten about it a little bit though, until recently when I found out there was a third book to the "series". I have read El Juego del Angel after that. It wasn't AS good as La Sombra, but it was really enjoyable. You might want to have a look. Now I'm looking to order the last one too.

  12. I am trying so hard to get into Shadow of the Wind! I'm not too far in so I'm hoping to get hooked soon like you did!


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