Tunesday: Road Trip Tunes

Hello my friends. I'm blogging in my bed among two sleepy boys and one snoring husband. I want you to know that all of my belogings are wrapped in brown paper, in boxes stacked around my house. My computer is currently sitting on my bathroom counter. My large screen's no laptop. Why? Well, because the movers are shipping our stuff out to beer country this week and we had to separate our things we want to keep a bit longer from the stuff we want gone's a long story. My point is, I'm blogging from my iPad. If you don't know how inconvenient this is, you must have never tried it. Once the dust settles for a few days, I can hook my computer back up and get things a little more organized. Guys, I'm nervous. I'm nervous for Tunesdays and the book chat, and blogging in general. I will be iPad blogging for potentially TWO months. So, please, bear with me. Don't leave me. I will bring you along on this little journey as much as I can. And soon, it will be all beer steins and snow-capped Alps. I promise. Just bear with typos and bad graphics for a while.


Moving on. It's Tunesday. Technically, I jumped the gun. Kate of Kate's Tales of Books and Bands put a little theme on her Tune-In Tuesday music link-up and I love this theme, because, as you may recall...I LOVE ROADTRIPS! However, the theme is for April...and I'm a little early. Again, I'm ON AN iPAD. I'm a mess.

Anyway, today's Tunesday is about Road Trip music. I got to thinking about it and I really depends on the roadtrip. And I've gone on many a road trip in my day. So here are some various road trip tunes to go with some various road trip travels!

Trip with the girls:

Traveling on the empty road with your closest girl friends is the best time to pull out your shameless love of 80's lady rock like Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper and Heart. There's no better place to let loose, and belt out some harmonies on Total Eclipse of the Heart. That's what girlfriends are for.

The Relaxing Roadtrip:

Maybe you're in no hurry on your road trip and prefer to take the scenic route. Sometimes it really is the journey and not the destination. To me, there's nothing better than a relaxing country road and some tunes like Iron and Wine, The Civil Wars or Bon Iver serenading me through America's backroads. M. Ward's most recent solo album has the perfectly iconic Americana feel that would sound perfect with the top down...if you happen to have a 65' Chevy convertible lying around.

Need a pick-me-up:

There's only so much coffee can do. The road trip drag is inevitable. Sometimes you need tunes equivalent to a Red Bull. If rock is more your taste, maybe you'll prefer something like Muse or Foo Fighters. For me, I need something with quick beat and a motivating chorus. The Passion Pit is a fun option or Sleigh Bells is an angry, machiney kind of fun that scares you awake. For my money, I'll take The Naked and Famous any day. They have the right...everything. Something fun is good...but if you put that band Fun on, so help me...

Yeah, I just went there. I'm gonna get all MOMmy on you for a minute, because sometimes I have my kids in the car with me during our road trips (okay every time) and sometimes the batteries on the DVD players run out and they get bored and/or require attention. I don't always like to turn off my music for someone else, but this is how you know I love them. As it turns out, kids music these days isn't ALL bad. They've evolved beyond Barney and Baa Baa Black Sheep. My kids love stuff that is funny and interative, or something they recognize. Movie soundtracks are always a hit. You can't go wrong with a little Lion King, the Muppets, Phineas and Ferb or The Lorax. If you have a girl and can get them to sing Part of that World from The Little Mermaid with you, then know I am seething with jealousy (I wanna be where the people are. I wanna see, wanna see em dancin...). Otherwise you might want to try They Might be Giants or The AquaBats. If you have SiriusXM, Kids Place Live is where it's at.

There you go. Those are my road trip recommendations. You know, if the music is getting boring, you could always throw on an audiobook. Might I recommend The Night Circus or My Name is two favorite audiobooks so far.

What do you listen to on your road trips?



  1. So excited for your new journey!!! :)

  2. I'll be here! I've tried blogging from my iPad here and there and the Blogsy app works pretty well for me. The $4.99 price was a little steep but blogger on Safari drove me crazy.

    We don't take many road trips yet but the drive to the grocery store is about 40 minutes so we do listen to a lot of music. I do share listening privileges with my two oldest which means I listen to a lot of Selena Gomez and Big Time Rush but it makes me happy when my girl chooses to listen to "Mommy music" sometimes too. We won't talk about my husband's strange love for rap music though :)

    Good luck!


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