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Hello friends!  It's book chat Thursday!  As many of you know, I'm currently in transit.  This week, we are traveling our way up to Baltimore where we will fly out of to Germany.  Are you sick of hearing about my move to Germany yet?  Too bad.  It's going to be like this for a while now.  The theme of the month seems to be this move, so I decided to make today's book chat a similar theme.

First, I have to introduce our book chat co-host!  Seema is adorably sweet and I'm so glad that she asked to co-host.  Please go see her cute blog and add her to your blog roll.

As for today's topic, I want to know your favorite novels set in Germany.  I love books with real cities as the settings.  I love romanticized cities.  Prague, Barcelona, Paris.  There is magic in old cities and they make for excellent settings.  I love books with settings that are practically characters.

Here are my favorite...

The chilling, romantic city of Barcelona made the perfect setting for this story.

The Scottish landscape was nearly as sexy as young Jamie Fraser.

I would love to follow in Robert Langdon's footsteps in this novel.  That's what I love about Dan Brown's novels.  He really brings the setting to the forefront of the story.

This is where my obsession with Ireland all began.

Sadly, I don't really have any good German settings.  I have plenty of Holocaust novels that were set in Germany, and I guess the Book Thief would count, but I don't really count those.  I'd like to read a story set in Germany that makes the country look, you know, good.

Brownie points to the book chatter who can find me a good Germany-set novel that isn't about the Holocaust.

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  1. ooh, I haven't read any of these books(except Angels and Demons, which I barely remember). I'll have to check them out. I love books set in places either than the US or the UK--those seem to be the most frequent settings.

  2. Angels and Demons is definitely my favorite Dan Brown book. It's more subtle then most of his other books and for some reason that makes me like it more.

    I'm still thinking of some books for this one. I'll link up when I've got them!

  3. I haven't read Angels and Demons but I read The Davinci Code a long time ago. So long I don't remember what happened :) I guess I have read a adult book set in Europe. I love these kind of topics-it really helps me expand my reading outlook.

  4. The Night Train to Lisbon is in my to-read pile and I can't wait to check it out!

    1. I am such a dope, I just realized I commented on the wrong post, sorry!
      These books sound great!

  5. I haven't read any of these, but I'm a big fan of books set in Europe, mostly because I feel them better than books set in America or anywhere else :) But it's even better if I read a book set in a place I have been (Paris, Rome, lots of places in Germany and France) because I recognize so much. And for me, the best are books set in Amsterdam, because it's a second home to me and I go there every day :)


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