One thing these monthly recaps do is make the months feel like they are 10 days long.  I sat down to look at my blog calendar and thought, "No way I have to do another recap...I just did one!"

May was a doozy.  I struggled with transition so badly and the blog suffered a bit.  I'm feeling much better everyday.  I have to say, this blog (and all of you) have made this transition so much easier.  I have come to consider this blog as a lifeline that makes me feel more connected and more myself.   At times, I considered quitting the blog because it felt like too much work and I had too much going on, but I refused to quit.  I powered through the dry spells and came to the other side so glad I persisted.  I'm back in the groove of blogging everyday and life in Germany is starting to grow on me.

*on Audible*

June has some exciting news for the blog.  Not only will I participate in my FIRST blog book tour with a review for Fall For Me, but I will also be working with Audible on a little review of their service.  I love this company, and I cannot wait to share my experience with you!

I'm going to be starting a series of posts about life abroad so I hope you all look forward to learning a little more about life in Germany.

I also have a new design and a little name change happening this month too!  Stay tuned...

  • June 6: Book Blogging - Anything and everything on the topic.  Do you consider yourself a book blogger?  Do you write reviews, receive ARCs or have you met any good authors?  Has blogging changed how and what you read?  WHO are your favorite book bloggers?
  • June 13: Character you relate to most - This is a little repeat, but I thought it would be a fun one to revisit.  
  • June 20: Best Summer Reads
  • June 27: Outdoors Settings - Your favorite books set in the great outdoors.
I need co-hosts!!