Summer is upon us.  This is undoubtedly good news for everyone and everything, except my blog.  Perhaps you get the summer bloggin blues too, but I find myself far too engrossed in living than writing about it.  It happens every summer.  I'm not worried about it, you shouldn't be either.  Perhaps by August, I'll get more than one post a week out.  Until then, the book chat will always keep me coming back.

What Character Do You Relate To Most?


So, this week is a little bit of a repeat.  This topic was actually the second Book Chat topic we did.  This was about the time I fell in love with the book chat and the whole reason I write about books every week because great posts like that come out of it.  Posts that I wouldn't have written otherwise.
You can read it here.

So it's a repeat, but I really don't think I can top that one.  I have given thought to characters in general though.  There are some characters that don't fall under the category of "Relating to Most" but they have made their way into this post anyway.

I wish I could be more like her...

Her and I would be best friends in real life...

I wish she were real so I could slap her...
Oh Ana...smh.

I wish I lived in her shoes...

I would not want to piss her off...
No spoilers here.

I would stick with her in the event of an apocalypse...

The one thing I notice is that there aren't many new ones in here.  Not many characters have struck a chord with me lately, I guess.  Also, I think it's actually later that I tend to realize how strong of an impact a character has had on me.  It's when I miss them that I realize what an effect they had.

What character do you relate to most?  

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