Wow.  June is over, just like that.  I can't keep up with these months anymore.  They are just flying by! I can't believe my baby will be THREE next month.  That crept up on me.

Anyway, we're back!  We've been camping all week, and it's been amazing, and I have so many incredible pictures to share, but for now, I have some serious blog business to catch up on!

Prepare yourself, because there is so much coming at you in this post...

First up. June's recap.

Now for July. July has a lot in store, blog & book wise.

As I've mentioned before, I have decided to take a break from reviewing for the summer.  I will still be reading, of course, but I'm not promising any reviews to publishers and/or authors.  I will probably still post reviews of whatever it is I decide to read.  I will pick back up with ARC's and reviews in September.  I really want to make this a summer of FUN reading.  I tend to read very slowly during summer anyway.

I am participating in two fun Summer reading challenges!

The first is the Summer Lovin' Read-a-thon.  I need to kick off this summer right!  If you are stopping by from the Summer Lovin' party, please read more about me here.  I can't wait to make some new book-lovin blog friends!

The read-a-thon is basically what it sounds like.  A lot of reading.  But also, a lot of fun participating with other bloggers.  My goals for this week are to finish the two books I'm reading now, Shadow and Bone and Me Before You.  Then, I will hopefully finish Siege and Storm too.  I so wish I could knock out four or more books this week, but I have two kids on summer break and a husband on leave, so I'll be lucky to finish one.  I'll still give it my best though!

For today's question, they asked: What is at the top of your summer must-read list?  Well, you will see my summer list below, but honestly, the reason I decided to take a break from ARCs is because I want to make time to read the new Dan Brown and Khaled Husseini books!  They are two of my favorite authors, and I just know I am going to gobble those books up!

Next up is my favorite reoccurring reading challenge.  I admit, I was a little nervous Megan wasn't going to be up for a reading challenge this summer, what with all of her travels and such.  But she pulled through, and I'm thrilled!   I have participated in all of her reading challenges and have yet to finish one! Ha!  However, they are so much fun.  Her categories are always so inventive and I have a ton of books on my "favorites" shelf all because of this challenge.  It really makes you stretch your reading selections.  So, I will share my selections here, but to be totally honest, I always change them up once I start reading.

5 points: Freebie.  I will leave this one blank for now.  
5 points: A book with less than 150 pages.  Night by Elie Wiesel
10 points: A book with a color in the title.  Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys
10 points: A book that is not the 1st in it's series.  Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo
15 points: A book that everyone else has read.  I already know what every book chatter is thinking here.  Yes, I will FINALLY read Harry Potter.  And more than one, too!
15 points:  A Banned Book.  Heck, I might even read more than two HP books.
20 points: Written by a celebrity.  Haven't decided on this one yet.  Considering Mindy Kaling's book.
20 points: Non-fiction this is not a memoir.  Does instructional or motivational count?  I have a new Apartment Therapy book from the library.  I've never read an informational book from front to back like a novel, so maybe I'll try.
20 points: A book that takes place in a state you've never been.  TBD
25 points: A book that has at least 400 pages.  This is a toss-up between three of my favorite authors.  Khaled Husseini, Dan Brown or Carlos Ruiz-Zafon.  
25 points: A book with a main character with the same name as me.  Sloppy Firsts by Megan McCafferty (The Jessica Darling series)
30 points: A book written by an author born the same year as me (1983).  This is a tough one! The only one I have found is Christopher Paolini and I have Eragon.  I'm considering reading it to Jonathan.

So, there you have it.  I can't wait to get started!

  • July 4th - No Book chat.  Happy Fourth of July!
  • July 11th - Book inspired Music playlist
  • July 18th - Young Adult lit
  • July 25th - Favorite book covers
I still need a co-host for the 25th!  If you have asked me to co-host, I promise I will get back to you!