Have you ever asked yourself...

"If I could do anything at all, for three months, what would I do?"

I mean, have you ever really thought about that?  It's a great question, really because it doesn't just ask what you want, but to just suspend reality for a moment and picture yourself doing exactly what you've always wanted without the retribution of losing everything you have now.

I know exactly what I would do.

I would live in a city.

I have always been so drawn to city life.  I love the hustle bustle and the energy that seeps out of those urban streets.  I love the idea of walking and/or biking everywhere.  I love the idea of knowing the places only the locals know.  Meeting friends at a bar down the street or writing in a coffee shop.  Exposed brick, public transportation, street performers, the culture, the inspiration. I want to inhabit the bones of a city teeming with life.  I know there is a lot not to love about city life, and I don't know if I could do it forever.  That's why I just want to do it for three months.  Three beautiful months.

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