I know I've already talked about doing NaNo, but I have to share this great group of bloggers who are also participating.  They've created this awesome little support group and little to-do's during the month.  I'm excited, and I hope I can keep up with at least one event.  It's going to be a CRAZY month.

So, for any newbies heading over from the link-up, I'll introduce myself.  I'm Jessica, and I wear many hats.  I'm a wife and mom, and I live overseas with my family.  I'm currently finishing up my degree and working on my first full manuscript.  I love reading and blogging, but I'd say that's pretty obvious.

As for my project, it is a Young Adult novel, let's say contemporary-ish.  The working title is The Hereafter, and it's a love story with a twist.

As I said a little earlier this week, my goal is to have the manuscript complete by the end of the year.

Wish me luck!

As for blogging.  It will unfortunately take a backseat to this project.  It's a matter of prioritizing, and somehow I have to find time to go to school full-time while completing the novel.  Therefore, seldom NaNo posts will probably be the sole content on the blog for the rest of the year.  I want to say that the book chat will be back every week, but I can't make promises right now.  Oh hey, did I mention Jeremy will be on a business trip for the entire month of November?  Yeah, his job and I have great timing.

So here's my offer...if you, my loyal and wonderful book chat friends, would like to take over the book chat for me until further notice, it is all yours.  Please just email me if you are interested and I'll explain it all.  If not, then we will probably pick back up in 2014.

We do still have a nonfiction book chat scheduled for Nov 7th with Daire, so please come back for that one!

Some NaNoWriMo geared blog posts you can look forward to in November...

  • My writing playlist
  • Writing spaces, habits and rituals
  • My favorite writing apps and reads
  • A few of my favorite writing buddies
  • ...and some basic progress updates.
If you are on NaNoWriMo, please look me up.  My username is Tangerine423.  Let me know if you add me as a buddy, so I can add you!