Well, you guys already know my obsession for Reading Playlists, so you should already know that I have writing playlists.  Well, I will take a quick NaNoWriMo break to share mine with you.

Generally, I construct playlists based on whatever it is I'm writing.  Makes sense.  I have angsty playlists, and romantic playlists.  I have outdoorsy playlists, and girly playlists.  I guess if I had to throw at word at this playlist, I would call it ethereal.  I like that word.

Around Us - Jònsi
Byegone - Volcano Choir
Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars
Angels - The XX
Winter Ghosts - JBM
Fatal Shore - Andrew Bird
Give Up the Ghost - Radiohead
Grow Old - The Naked and Famous
Leland - Cemeteries
Heavenfaced - The National
Show Me the Quiet Air - The Franklin Electric

Well, there you go.  I just gave you a taste of what I'm working on, and if you think I chose a bunch of songs with a corresponding theme in the title, I assure you I did not.  Total coincidence there.

Oh, and if my collection gets old, which it does, I have become a fan of the new iTunes Radio.  I find the Ambient or New Wave stations a soothing choice to write to.  Just have to watch out for the urge to nap while they're on.

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