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I'm constantly scouring the web for things that catch my eye.  A beautiful photograph.  A captivating design.  Typography that speaks to me.

Whether it be for inspiration, home decor, business or life, I am a collector of the aesthetic.  I surround myself with the flint of creative spark.

So, recently I came across  I had always thought Minted was just cards and announcements.  A friend of mine uses them religiously for her kiddo's party and birth announcements.

But they really do have so much more.  They have art, beautiful, touching art.  As a creative professional, I especially love independent art.  Everything by Kelly Ventura belongs in my house.  

Take a look at their Art selection here.

Isn't all so fantastic?  And so reasonably priced.

So, here's the coolest thing about this site.
Living Room by Jessica, see more wall art
Living Room board by Jessica. See more wall art
On top of shopping, you can create an Art wall, Pin boards and Style boards.  Seriously, there goes my afternoon.

untitled 3 by Jessica, see more Minted
untitled 3 board by Jessica. See more Minted

As for their paper products and cards, the birth announcements I've received from my friend have shown excellent quality.  These cards will really hold up, which makes me happy because her kids are cute, and I want to keep them forever (the cards, not the kids).

Not to mention these Foil-Pressed wedding invitations that make me want to get married again just to order them.  I don't even know you, Steven.  It's so Gatsby.  I love it!

So, that's my thought on  I love everything they offer, and I can't wait to hang up some of their amazing art in my house.  Shopping on the site is a breeze, especially with those scale photos of a model holding up each size print so you can see how big it is (genius!).

Have you ever shopped with before?  What's your favorite from their site?


  1. I love board 3! I was never inspired enough in Washington to buy a lot for our house but something about California has me buying all sorts of beautiful things for the walls in our apartment.

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