I've been seeing these everywhere & I love them! It's like having party decorations all year long. :) So, I took a stab at it & created one for my dining/craft room. Someday I will have a craft room all my own. Dream big!

So this is what I did...

I cut out 8 triangles. I'm not good at math...but my triangles all have the same size sides. What are those triangles called again? I'm kidding...I don't care.

Because I don't want my flags to curl, I ironed a stabilizer on the back. I also didn't have to serge the edges this way.

I used pink bias tape & ironed it in half to make it easier to sew.

I sandwiched the flags between the fold of the bias tape & sewed down the middle.

This is where it gets tricky...
As I sewed the flags between the bias tape, I just added them as I went. I wanted my flags to slightly overlap, so as I got to the end of one flag, I would sneak in the next one. I chose to do a zig-zag stitch to re-enforce it more.

As you can see, I need to add a couple more flags. But I really like that the colors are totally random & match my very colorful curtains my cousin passed down to me...for free!