I am stylistically challenged.

I never know what to wear and let me tell shows.

(excuse the bad pic)

Our appearance is supposed to be an expression of ourselves. My normal day-to-day ensemble (if i decide to get dressed at all) usually involves a black shirt, cardigan, jeans & black shoes. No accessories. No color. Hair in ponytail & a 5 minute dose of makeup. That is not an expression of myself. That is an expression of insecurity. That is the anti-matter of style. It's the absence of expression. As of now, my wardrobe only says on thing about me...I'm playing it safe.

I truly believe our inward appearance and outward appearance are inherently linked. How we feel about our appearance will determine how we feel about ourselves and ultimately change how happy or melancholy we are...and vise-versa. And the blah-ness going on on the outside is making me feel blah on the inside.

Have you seen the "What I Wore Wednesday" challenge over at The Pleated Poppy?

the pleated poppy blog

If you haven't, check it out. When I saw this I thought...that is a perfect challenge for me. Basically, it involves posting pics of what we wear each day...not to show off our outfits, which as I have seen are adorable, but to hold ourselves accountable to get dressed & put ourselves together everyday. With a great put-together look that we can be proud of, we are more likely to have a good attitude ready to attack the day.

I love this challenge and I most definitely plan to participate. Stay tuned to see how it goes...