Out of pure curiosity, R.P. & I took a little trip downtown Friday to check out exactly what a Tea Party rally looks like (in short, it looks like the original Tea Party members have reconvened...sorry I'm shameless). Anyway, that turned out to be lame, lunch was a bust & I was having an allergy attack from hell. Trip wasn't looking good...but alas, it redeemed itself when we came across what could possibly be the COOLEST BUS EVER.

But first. These two melted my heart & I wanted to take them home with me. They are salt & pepper shakers, but I'm thinking garlic salt. {giggle} I'm cheesy like that.
I'll be back for you two.

Ok...about the bus. Here it is from afar. It caught our attention...and we're never ones to pass up something intriguing. Especially when the cameras are in tow. As we shuffled over, I had to remind my little hippie pal...Whatever you do, do NOT get on that bus. She resisted...good girl. One of us has to be the paranoid skeptic.

Turns out it was NOT a cult. Whew. Apparently, it's a father of three named Bob who made over an old bus & drives around the country with his pooch, Bogart, stopping at campuses & schools to discuss charity & kindness. Yeah, cool. You can read more about it here.

There was so much to look at on this bus. We stood there for probably 30 minutes reading it. Here are some of my favorite parts...

Isn't it just inspiring?!
Well done, Bob. And you too Bogart.