"ME Time" is hard to come by when you're in the middle of a move, but I'll take it when I get it. I, of all people, know how important "me time" is to a full-time mama's sanity, and I will take it whenever I can get it. Today my moment of solitude came in the form of a 20 minute drive to and from the doctor's office. Normally, such a long drive to the doctor would be inconvenient, but when it means I can listen to whatever I want, as loud as I want while driving MY car, it's heaven. I'm usually in the mom-mobile while my husband drives my beloved 2003 Jetta, but occasionally, I get to take her for a spin, and when I do, it's like connecting with an old friend.

My pleasure cruise would not be complete without some sweet sounds.
Both were enjoyed as loud as my poor ear drums could handle.

Lykke Li. Wounded Rhymes.

Rather live out a lie than live wondering
how the fire feels while burning
for life is like a flame
and the ashes for wasting
so honey don't be afraid
to dance while we're waiting

Ida Maria. Fortress 'round My Heart.

Hope you enjoyed some "you" time today!

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