This week the photo challenge over at The Paper Mama was "the little details" and I immediately knew I wanted to get a shot of my older son's freckles, blue eyes & long eyelashes. He reluctantly agreed to letting me do a mini-photo shoot in the dining room. Here I thought I was getting shots of my little boy, but the pictures in my view finder tell a different story:

this is a young man.
When did this happen? I remember when the freckle above his eye appeared for the first time. He was just a small, sweet, smiley baby, but as hard as I try, I cannot find that baby anywhere. There comes a point when you look at your children and stop seeing the baby, and start seeing the child. In this photo, I don't see a child; I see a young man. Granted, he is only six and most definitely still a child, but every now and again, I see a glimpse of the little person he is growing into, and I get teary-eyed every time I think about it. He's spent so long being my baby, I completely forgot he is an ever-changing growing boy, and just like that little baby became a little boy, this little boy will soon be replaced by young man. And I'm not ready to say goodbye.

The Paper Mama