I finished my Craft Room Wall!  For so long it sat as undefined space & it drove me crazy!  It's really a dining room, but we don't need a formal dining room & it's on carpet.  Come on...you can't feed kids on carpet. Sheesh.

So, I have a wall.  I almost had the whole room, but then decided I could do more with just one wall.  One wall to rule them all.  (nerd reference).  The rest of the room is a computer/reading area.

I had a blast putting together this creative space just for ME.  And it screams ME really.  It was almost magic how it all came together so nicely.  I started with the idea of an inspiration board, but that idea morphed into an inspiration wall.  The "tapestry" is really a tablecloth I picked up from a garage sale a while back.  I have loved it for too long & almost cut it up to make curtains but then decided to just hang it on the wall & I could not have planned it better.  It really ties everything together.  So without further ado...

Ahhh..it makes me smile.

I love having a place to stick random things I pick up that peak my interest.
Spray painted cork board.  
Hot glue ribbon on to hold cards in place.

Before spray painting, put scrapbook stickers on.
Spray.  Peel stickers off.

Metal sign covered with scrapbook paper & Modge Podge.
Instant magnet board.

Spray painted spool rack.
Clipboard hung on wall to hold current projects pattern.

 Jewelry hanger.
Wood plaque-$.99 @ Hobby Lobby
Brass knob off old dresser - free.
Spray painted & screwed in.
Embroidery - thrifted. 

Frame a piece of scrapbook paper = instant dry erase board.

Many peaceful evenings will be spent here.
Can't wait to see what my inspiration will bring :)