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One week till Christmas!! You guys ready?
If the season is stressing you out, here are some fun links to check out to take your mind off of the post office stress you may have just endured.  {like me}

I never even knew what bokeh thanks to this post, I know how to get it!
Well...sorta.  It's going to take some practice.

Love this business idea which I'm sure you've heard of already, but did you see these digital prints she's selling?  The mustache one had me chuckling.  It must go by my front door.

Did you see my guest post over at Baby in Bulgaria?

My Savannah friend, Martha, blogs on  I kid you not, y'all.  True story.  She is the resident "earth Mama" and this is probably my favorite post to date.  

I was just telling a friend that I desperately need a blog secretary...then I saw this post.  HELPFUL!

Did I tell you guys I finally got an iPhone?  Well you know the most exciting thing about this...
I'm on Instagram!!
Find me. @sweetgreent
Meet Skeeter

Hope you're all having a fabulous holiday!!