Remember this post, when I was complaining about needing an excellent book to read, or even better, a series?  Well I found one after this book reviewer pretty much ordered me to read it.  She reviews mostly teen fiction, which I shamelessly admit, is one of my favorite genres, so I really enjoy her reviews.

   Well, I'm glad to report that this book hit the spot.  Amazing heroine-check. Nail-biting action-check. Swoony romance-CHECK.  I just loved it. 
   The sequel was even better!  I couldn't stop reading.  Then, when I did stop reading, I couldn't sleep because I was just angry, excited & just fired-up about where the plot was going.

Do I have time to be sitting on my butt, Kindle in hand, in the middle of the day two weeks before Christmas? Absolutely not.

But I don't care.  I needed this.  Like a junkie needs a hit.
Ok bad analogy, but go with it. 
Because this junkie just found out, her supply has run dry.
That's right.  I went to my Kindle to download the 3rd & final novel in the series (always a little bittersweet) only to find out that it has not been published yet!!  In fact, it won't come out until NEXT FALL!! 
Why did I assume it was a fully published trilogy?  I cannot tell you what lead me to believe that.  But now I am kicking myself.  This isn't even the first time I've done this!  I just rush through and them I'm left jonesing for more with absolutely nothing to do about it.   Guys.  This sucks.

Oh well, you know.  It's helped to restore my excitement in reading.
It feels good to enjoy reading again.
See you next fall Gaia Stone.
Now what?